Meet the Staff

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Maggie Berry

I believe in helping people to understand and embrace the belief that each of us chooses the life we want.

John Cassidy

I believe that chemical dependency is a treatable disease with treatment and support groups in the community.

Bob Jones

I concentrate on focusing the client’s treatment using his or her own personal inner wisdom to establish a balance in the client’s psychological, physical, social, and spiritual well-being to promote change.

Dave Jungwirth

I believe in meeting the individual where they are at in the process of change.

John Koska

I believe in helping clients establish a personal foundation of where they are with there addictions.

Laurie Rossell

Anyone can recover from substance abuse/addiction when given the tools and coping skills to manage life without drugs or alcohol.

Kelly Mettayer

I believe that every client is unique with their own set of needs, strengths, and goals. I believe in meeting clients where they are at and helping them gain the skills to reach their goals.

Andrea Otterness

The most important thing: giving someone the space/time to be themselves. Help them gain another perspective of their world, genuinely Listen, and assist in finding motivation to make change.

Gary Paulson

People deserve the chance to become aware of stumbling blocks in their life, and be given the opportunity to resolve those issues.

Jim Piper

I believe that every client is unique with their own set of needs, strengths and goals.

Lori Quist

I believe in treating each client as an individual and by using a sound cognitive approach, I can assist them in making positive, health changes in their thinking and lives.

Lynsey Sullivan

My belief is that every client that is seen is their own person with their own individualized needs and goals. As a counselor, I believe in meeting the client where they are at and developing a unique and individualized treatment plan for each client.

Sheri Vrieze

I believe treatment for clients must encompass the whole person and their environment.

Nick Widing

I help people get over their ambivalence about making changes in their lives.