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Andrew J. Ballew

Clinical Psychology Practitioner Professional Philosophy A psychological assessment is a collaborative team effort between an individual, their support network (family members, health care providers, teachers, case managers etc.), and the …Continued

Liliana Freire-Bebeau

My goal is to help facilitate change, skill mastery, and acceptance; as well as to help develop insight into our abilities and capacity to cope with our most difficult challenges.

Dan Johnson

I approach my work with the assumption that everyone has the capacity to change, if provided with the proper support and treatment.

Morgan Krause

Clinical Psychology Practitioner Professional Philosophy I believe that a strong therapeutic relationship is a key component to successful therapy. My professional philosophy includes incorporating multiple therapeutic techniques in order to …Continued

Peter Lynn

Clinical Psychology Practitioner Professional Philosophy I believe that no one is beyond help, no matter how severe the disorder or longstanding the mental health problems. I am a strong proponent …Continued

Megan Robb

Psychotherapist Practitioner Professional Philosophy My view on therapy is that it is a relational and collaborative process, with each client being seen as a unique individual. I seek to empower …Continued

Nicole Shackelford

Lead Clinical Psychologist and Director of Psychology Training Professional Philosophy I believe in providing individuals with thoughtful, evidence-based assessments that answer the questions that are the most important to them …Continued