Cathleen Harvieux, Substance Use Manager

Substance Abuse Manager

Professional Philosophy

Over the past 39 years in working with substance abuse clients, families, programs, funders, licensors, and developers I have held true to a few themes. Substance abuse is a biopsychosocial concern and recovery is an inside job. It is my first duty to make you feel as comfortable as quickly as possible.

Specialty Areas

Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to work with specialized populations. Adolescents, women, men, incarcerated men, opioid addicted men and women, those with primary substance abuse and mental health diagnosis, East and West African, American Indian, elderly as well as professionals and the families and friends of those that received services.

Clinic Locations


Professional Experience

I started working in substance abuse at the age of 19, as an overnight staff. Since then, I have delivered both clinical, management, and developmental duties within the full continuum of care: Prevention, intervention, education, treatment, assessment, and short and long-term continuing care services.


At the age of 19, I received a Human Services Technical College Certificate. In 2003, I wrote my own degree in Human Services Consulting and Substance Abuse Counseling. In 2003 starting a substance abuse consulting company

License and Credentials

Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Substance Abuse Counseling Certificate