John Cassidy, Substance Use Assessor

Substance Use Therapist

Professional Philosophy

I believe that substance dependency is a treatable disease with treatment and support groups in the community. I’ve seen life-changing miracles take place in numerous substance dependent people and their families. I believe that treatment is an investment that benefits individual families and the community.

Specialty Areas

  • Pre-Petition screening for substance use commitments in Washington County. Fluent in Spanish.

Clinic Locations


Professional Experience

John has worked in the field of Substance Dependency since 1973. He did his internship for the University of Minnesota and the University of Wisconsin at Human Services, Washington County in 1976. John has worked with Ramsey County Detoxification Center, Kinnic Falls Halfway House and Fairview Deaconess Adolescent Substance Dependency Treatment. He has been at Human Services of Washington County Substance Use Division since 1983.


Masters Degree in Counseling from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls; Bachelor Degrees from the University of Minnesota and St. John’s University, New York. Fellow of the Kellogg Foundation-Partners of the America’s Program in International Development, 1992.

License and Credentials

Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, (LADC).