Leslie is alive today because of people like you

I may never meet the woman who answered the phone when I dialed the Canvas Health suicide prevention hotline number back in 2016, but if I did, my eyes would no doubt well up with tears of gratitude.

I would thank her for listening, for linking me with help, for giving me a moment to breathe and reassess. I would thank her for being that comforting voice at the other end of the line.

Back in 2016, a shoulder injury had made it impossible for me to work, and the frustration, worry and pain-paired with depression-threatened to overwhelm me. So great was my despair that I started thinking that my family might be better off without me, but I chose to give life one last chance, by calling Canvas Health…

If I could talk with the woman who took my call, I would tell her, “Thank you for saving my life.” And I would say the same to you.

After all, your generosity to Canvas Health provides support for people struggling with mental health issues, substance use, unstable housing and trauma. Your gifts help fund the statewide phone and crisis text lines so that people in their darkest hour will always have a lifeline.

Today, I am in a much better place than I was in 2016. I am healthy and so grateful.

Please consider making a tax-deductible year-end gift to Canvas Health today if you haven’t already. You are truly making a difference.


P.S. A generous donor has made it possible for Canvas Health to match your year-end donation up to $5,000. Give today to help us make the match and double the support to the community.