Minnesotan Returns to Manage Canvas Health’s Substance Use Services

After three years in Sun City, Arizona, Cathy Harvieux was done with the heat, the venomous frogs, and the wild pigs. She was ready to return to Stillwater and, she adds, “I’m buying my old house!”

Substance Use Services Manager

Harvieux began as Canvas Health’s Substance Use Services Manager on May 13 and is working hard to integrate into her team’s systems, practices, and culture. She’s familiar with stepping into new situations. Beginning in 2002, Harvieux played a role in the development or expansion of 15 treatment centers across Minnesota.

When deciding to return to the St. Croix Valley, she drew on that deep understanding of the substance use disorder landscape. “I was really excited about how Canvas Health has grown and been willing to diversify its services,” she says.

Harvieux is excited to be a part of an agency that works to stay competitive and relevant as well as seeking new ways to provide the best care for its clients and the community.

One of the things she’s looking forward to digging into? Outcome indicators. “Jay [Theisen] does such a great job of facilitating and managing that process, I think it can open a lot of possibilities for our programs.”

The professional respect is mutual.

“Cathy has a good variety of experience,” says Theisen, Canvas Health Director of Outpatient Clinics, Administrative Services, Quality Management and HIPAA Compliance. “She can provide us leadership in using the best practices in legislation, professional board engagement, and a variety of substance use programs.”

In addition to her new Canvas Health colleagues, Harvieux has a lot of support—her husband, JR; two adult children; two dogs, Grrr and Tipsy; and two cats, Ella and the 21-year-old Zing.

Learn more about Canvas Health’s substance use services here.

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