Canvas Health Honors Crisis Connection Volunteer of the Year

As a counselor, Jennifer Peace lives up to her name. Since 2012, Jennifer has been volunteering for the Crisis Connection phone counseling service of Canvas Health, gently turning fear and despair into a peaceful path of healing. Her outstanding dedication and caring talent led Canvas Health to honor Jennifer with the Dee Nord Community Call Center Volunteer of the Year Award.

Jennifer Peace’s Commitment to the Crisis Connection

Jennifer started as a Crisis Connection intern while earning her bachelor’s degree in social work from St. Catherine University in St. Paul, Minn. Her internship was completed in 2013, but her commitment to the Crisis Connection did not quit. She has continued her weekly shifts taking callers, while finishing her master’s degree in social work in spring 2016. On top of her academic and volunteer work, she is a mother and has a full-time job. At last count, Jennifer has donated 864 hours to the Crisis Connection!

Jennifer Peace “treats every conversation with the utmost respect and care,” says Jennifer Baker, Canvas Health Volunteer and Intern Coordinator. She can “de-escalate clients in a way that’s comforting and constructive.” She empowers clients to find their coping skills. As appropriate, she suggests how clients may take their next steps.

Jennifer does not rush through her work, giving clients the time they need, and makes sure her client reports are accurate and detailed. “Even though her shift ends at midnight, if Jennifer is in the middle of a text conversation she stays to complete that conversation,” said Baker.

One supervisor noted that Jennifer always wants to learn more about her clients, as well as her fellow counselors. She also has a great sense of humor, bringing spunk and camaraderie to her work, and Canvas Health was proud to bestow Jennifer Peace with this important award.

The Dee Nord Community Call Center Volunteer of the Year Award was created in 2008 to honor Dee, a volunteer for over 30 years at our Crisis Connection call center who helped individuals by exhibiting consistent, compassionate care on the crisis line. The award honors a current volunteer at Crisis Connection who has demonstrated outstanding service to the agency. The recipient is recommended by the call center supervisors based on the volunteer’s performance and contributions to the call center throughout the year.