Crisis Connection Testimonials

How Crisis Connection is making a difference in the lives of clients and volunteers every day.

A client’s story 

Fred* calls one Friday night. The counselor knows from previous calls that Fred is seriously mentally ill, unable to work and lives alone. The drop-in center where he spends most of his time is closed for the weekend, and he is so lonely and scared at the prospect of getting through the weekend alone that he is “having suicidal thoughts.” The counselor listens with empathy, assesses that he is not seriously suicidal, and then asks if he has any ideas of activities that might help him get through the weekend. Together they discover that he actually does have lots of plans. A list of activities is outlined, and Fred seems to feels reassured when the call ends.
* Name and other identifying details changed

A volunteer’s story

“Volunteering at Crisis Connection has made a difference in my life as it has allowed me to look into my own life in new ways. The most important part for me is just to be there for someone who is in need – even if only to lend an ear – which is sometimes what is needed most. In addition, I have met many incredible people whom I am happy (and proud) to call my friends.”