Meet the Team – Anoka County

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Jessica Torrey

Starting where the client is at and building a trusting and safe rapport is the key to supporting change and improving one’s mental health. It takes courage to seek therapy or crisis services. Our job is to honor that courage and assist clients in recognizing their own strengths and build on them.

Kylie Otte

I believe each client is unique and therefore the treatment approach should be unique to them as well. I strive to provide consistent support and challenges to clients to assist them in forward progression on their goals.

Andrew Allen Johnson

On-Call Crisis Clinician Specialty Areas * Clinical Social Work, LICSW related services * Substance Abuse Counseling, LADC related services * Co-occurring Disorders and Related Behaviors * Embracing Diversity and Integration …Continued

Erin Buller

Start where the client is and what’s important to them. The client’s voice is the loudest.

Nicole Campbell

Focusing on building a sage and trusting relationship. Meeting the client where they are. Providing validation, empathy, and unconditional positive regard as the client identifies change to be made in their lives.

Rodney Gayle

Helping those with mental illness achieve their best during a mental health crisis.

Samm Joyner

I’m in this job to serve and empower.