Meet the Team – Scott County

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Cassie England

Cassandra England

I believe that healing and recovery is a collaborative journey. I value the importance of evidence-based practices while establishing a supportive, empathetic and competent therapeutic relationships to help ensure an atmosphere of safety and security. I use a holistic treatment approach to guide clients in creating the change they want to see in their lives.

Sara Danielson

My primary role is to help individuals/families navigate complex systems in which they are involved and make sure their voices are heard.  I bring to it compassion that is necessary for these individuals/families to work toward healing and hope. Through my lived experiences, I can empower the individuals/families I work with to gain their own independence and to begin to trust their own intuition and skills.

Jeff Mack

Life is about to change. The better we adapt to change, the better we are able to live healthy and happy lives.

Emily Bennett

I value the constant journey of change and healing. As a therapist, I can create a place for individuals to pause and reflect, and treat each individual with dignity, kindness, and respect no matter what the situation.

Selena Dawson

I believe everyone has a story to tell and a path to walk their journey, and if a person is seeking help, it can speak volumes. It is important to recognize that the path to well-being is a process and it takes a day at a time. I came into this field to hopefully have a positive impact on someone’s life, whether that is to listen, support, or guide.


My professional philosophy is to treat people as I would want to be treated and to take a genuine curiosity in them.

Kayla Rice

Life is sometimes hard. It is okay to struggle and to need help. I approach therapeutic work as a collaborative effort towards mental wellness. Together we can work to ensure that your therapeutic needs are met and find a way for you to thrive in the life you deserve.

Molly Cook

Molly Cook

I strive to help create a safe and understanding environment for people in crisis to feel as though they’re being heard. I am genuinely curious to hear other people’s stories and assist them in any way I can during times of need.

Joan Gabriel

Joan Gabriel

As a crisis clinician my professional philosophy is to meet the unique needs of each person, couple and family seeking assistance. I use brief counseling and complete an assessment to determine health and safety needs then develop a person-centered plan.