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Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith

Abuse Response Service Advocate

Jessica believes that every woman deserves to live a life free from violence and exploitation, and she will continue to fight for that goal as long as she is able. Her passion and dedication serve as an inspiration to all who work in this important field.

Clinic Locations

  • Community-Based

Specialty Areas

  • Sexual Assault Education, Therapy, and Crisis Services
  • Ages Served: All
  • Abuse, Trauma, Self-Esteem, Self-Worth, Domestic Violence, Emotional Regulation, Emotional Disregulation

Professional Experience

Jessica Smith is a Native American woman and an Anti-Trafficking Advocate at Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center. She has dedicated her life to helping women who have been victims of sex trafficking and domestic violence, using her own experiences as a survivor to inform and inspire her work. Jessica’s journey began as a survivor of trafficking and domestic violence herself. She understands the pain, trauma, and long-lasting impact that such experiences can have on a person’s life. Despite the challenges she faced, Jessica refused to let her experiences define her. Instead, she used them as a source of strength and inspiration to become a survivor advocate for other women who have been through similar experiences. Jessica’s work is deeply rooted in her passion for community advocacy, MMIW Crisis, Sex trafficking, culture, and trauma-informed care. She believes that these are the key components that can help survivors heal and recover from their experiences. Over the past five years, Jessica has worked tirelessly as an advocate, using her expertise and experience to provide support and guidance to women in need. Jessica’s work as an advocate has taken many forms. She has worked in a youth shelter, providing a safe and supportive environment for young women who have been victims of trafficking and domestic violence. She has also engaged in street outreach, connecting with women who are living on the streets and may be vulnerable to trafficking and other forms of exploitation. In addition to her work with individual women, Jessica is also deeply committed to raising awareness about the issue of sex trafficking and domestic violence.

She believes that education and advocacy are key tools in the fight against these pervasive problems, and she has worked tirelessly to raise awareness in her community and beyond. Despite the challenges she has faced, Jessica remains deeply committed to her work.