Meet the Team

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stephanie holmes - canvas health staff

Stephanie Holmes

I believe strongly in the advantages of working in a team to help families in children. My philosophy is that “Two heads are better than one.” and “Teamwork Makes a Dream work”. Everyone benefits from having access to more ideas, working in harmony, and helping each other in achieving mutual goals.

Rachel Milan - Early Childhood Therapist

Rachel Milan

Parenting is the most difficult work there is. I find it especially rewarding when I’m able to partner with caregivers in exploring their child’s difficulties to find new ways of both understanding and interacting with their child that brings about a stronger and closer connection in their relationship.

katie zacharias - canvas health

Katie Zacharias

I believe that when working with young children, it is so important to partner with parents and caregivers in developing strategies that promote positive behaviors and healthy interactions.

jennifer olsen - canvas health staff

Jennifer Olsen

I am dedicated to collaborating with families to provide appropriate and effective treatment for children and families.

ciara legato

Ciara Legato

I believe that supporting the mental health needs of young children, means partnering with caregivers to explore their child’s difficulties, seeking new ways of understanding them, promoting positive behaviors, and building a closer connection in their relationship.