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Debra Weess

Debra Weess

Therapy is a powerful process of connection, discovery, uncovering strengths to navigate challenges and healing from unforeseen events that occur in all our lives. I believe in a holistic individual, family and systematic approach to assist in the healing process. My desire is to provide support and encouragement while utilizing experiential, creative and traditional therapeutic methods.

Kari Smith

Kari Smith

My mission as a therapist is to be a helping professional that provides a safe space to help facilitate hope, transformation, and healing.

Sandra Woolsey

Sandra Woolsey

People have internal resources and strengths. We arise out of a family system that helps shape who we are and what we bring to future relationships, but we are not solely predetermined by that. I practice from a strengths-based, developmental, family systems perspective. We will build a course of healing together, collaboratively.

Alaina Hein

I prefer to utilize Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, as a treatment modality, with a solution focused lens providing a safe space for therapeutic processing and development of tools and to aid in the achievement of an individual’s best quality of life.

Emily Johnson

My approach to psychotherapy is collaborative: I work together with youth and young adult clients to realize their strengths and talents and work through barriers to change. I value lived experiences of clients and their parents, while using my professional training to create safe spaces that empower clients to work through past traumas, gain acceptance for themselves, and move forward in a direction they are proud of.

Carolyn Merrill Felty

I am passionate about helping to support school in addressing the mental health needs of their students, families, and staff. I believe therapy should be person centered, family focused, and accessible to all children within a system that they can help facilitate change.

Rachel Goossens

I specialize in working with school age youth. I am also trained in multiple trauma models including TF-CBT and CBITS.

Katherine Carlson

I believe in starting where the child and family are and focusing on family’s hopes and desires for their outcome. I use a strengths based approach with the children I work with.

Ali Ryan

I believe that connection and belonging are the foundation of healing and growth. I have a relational strengths-based approach and integrate mindfulness, play, nature, art, and experiential activities into my work.

emily lowney - Canvas Health

Emily Lowney

I believe in the empowerment of the person and the family. Giving a person the support and guidance they need when exploring their own identity as a human as well as how to incorporate people they care about into this exploration is something that is important to me as a therapist.

Roshni Kanda

Roshni Kanda

I believe that building relationships and connections with individuals and families are an essential piece of what I value as a therapist. Being able to collaborate with a team to ensure that the individual and/or family are receiving the best support and resources that they need. My approach is building a relationship with my client, actively listening through their stories and experiences, and integrating skills to help clients work through the barriers and move forward in a direction that leads to their healing and growth.

audrey hanmer - Canvas Health

Audrey Cogelow-Ruter

Understanding the past is essential in the perception of current realities and future trepidations. Healing comes when there is courage in facing the infections we carry.

Sara Vogelpohl - canvas health

Sara Vogelpohl

I believe in the healing power of relationship. It is my hope that I provide an environment for my clients and their families to feel comfortable seeking support and trust me enough to begin healing and allow themselves to grow. I am professionally trained, compassionately patient, and curious to get to know each of my clients individually, at their chosen pace, acknowledging each person is unique and affected by the relationships and systems within their lives. “Success” for each of my clients is individual. I strive to journey with each one as they are empowered to resolve past and current life challenges, build skills and strength, and achieve their hopes and personal goals, whatever that might be.

Mindy Johnson - canvas health

Mindy Johnson

Based on theory from attachment and trauma, I utilize a relationship-based approach in my work with children. By actively including parents/caregivers, we are able to enhance treatment progress which provides relief for the entire family system.

Mike Poindexter

Mike Poindexter

I believe that everyone has the capacity to change, and that a positive relationship between therapist and client can be integral in creating long term change. As a therapist my role is to work collaboratively with each client to help them identify their strengths, and help them develop the insight that will foster positive change in their lives.

Amanda Olson - canvas health

Amanda Olson

The first step into therapy is a courageous one. I see my role as walking alongside individuals and families to understand and untangle the path that brought them here. My approach is person-centered and non-judgmental. I believe that change and healing are possible, and supporting people with empowerment and recognizing their own internal strengths is the best part of my job.

ashton troia

Ashton Troia

Guiding clients along the twisted path of life.

danielle hance - canvas health

Danielle Hance

I am trained in expressive arts therapy (music, art, drama, dance, movement) and integrate the arts into my practice. I am person-centered in my approach and believe, by working together, we will see transformation.

Erin Hannan

Erin Hannan

TAP Therapist Professional Philosophy My goal as a therapist is to provide a safe space for children and families to grow, heal and connect. I use a strengths based, relational …Continued

mike mader - canvas health

Mike Mader, Adolescent Substance Use Counselor

I believe that people always have positive choices even when they feel stuck. My counseling approaches are person-centered, cognitive-behavioral and narrative. Working recovery is the opportunity to rediscover the world around you to navigate the future that’s ahead.