Alcohol and drug use is one of our nation’s most serious public health problems. Often, a person struggling with alcohol or drug dependence needs intervention, support, and treatment provided by professionals.

Concerned about yourself or someone you care about?

If you are concerned about drug and alcohol use in yourself or someone you care about, some behaviors to look for include: drinking and driving, increased use of alcohol or drugs, becoming secretive or withdrawn about drinking and drug use, struggling with day-to-day activities at home and/or work, spending more time with friends who drink or use drugs than with family members, having money problems, borrowing  money or running up charges on credit cards, or committing an alcohol or drug-related crime or crimes.

Ways Canvas Health can help:

Canvas Health provides substance abuse treatment in a variety of forms and settings for adults and adolescents.


All members of our staff are licensed alcohol and drug counselors, and are available to evaluate and help manage substance use problems. We perform Rule 25 assessments, a type of assessment mandated by the state of Minnesota, and use them to develop care management plans for adults, adolescents, and their families.

We assess and recognize issues beyond just substance use, including mental health disorders and other addictions. As necessary, we provide referrals for these services, most of which are also provided by Canvas Health. Our services include assessment, consultation, education, family programming and outpatient treatment.

How to get started:

If you are concerned about these symptoms in yourself or someone you care about, request an appointment at one of our clinic locations by calling (651) 777-5222. During COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, assessments and treatment are available via phone and telehealth. Print client forms here.