Meet the Staff

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Gary Paulson, Substance Use Assessor

People deserve the chance to become aware of stumbling blocks in their life, and be given the opportunity to resolve those issues.

John Cassidy, Substance Use Assessor

I believe that substance dependency is a treatable disease with treatment and support groups in the community.

John Koska, Jail Program Counselor

I believe in helping clients establish a personal foundation of where they are with there addictions.

Cathleen Harvieux, Substance Use Manager

Over the past 39 years in working with substance abuse clients, families, programs, funders, licensors, and developers I have held true to a few themes. Substance abuse is a biopsychosocial concern and recovery is an inside job. It is my first duty to make you feel as comfortable as quickly as possible.

Bob Jones, Adult Intensive Outpatient Treatment

I concentrate on focusing the client’s treatment using his or her own personal inner wisdom to establish a balance in the client’s psychological, physical, social, and spiritual well-being to promote change.

Sebastian Hearne, Jail Program Counselor

My passion is to help liberate individuals from the grip of their addictions and mental health symptoms; providing them with the opportunity for hope in a new lifestyle through acceptance, education, support, and faith.

Cyndi Artz, Substance Use Counselor Team Lead

I believe it is when we are willing to face our challenges and struggles that one can experience the most growth and change regarding lifestyles and our way of thinking. 

Kelly Mettayer, Adolescent Substance Use Counselor

I believe that every client is unique with their own set of needs, strengths, and goals. I believe in meeting clients where they are at and helping them gain the skills to reach their goals.

Nicole Bettin

Nicole Bettin

Addiction is a treatable disease and it is my job as a counselor to help my client’s realize which path of recovery will work best for them. People with Substance Use Disorders cannot all be treated as a whole, they need to be seen as individuals and client centered care is crucial to them in order to achieve wellness. I instill in my client’s that they are not on this journey to recovery on their own and that WE do this together.

Jaxx Johnson - Canvas Health Staff

Jaxx Johnson, Substance Use Staff Supervisor

There is hope for every patient. They come to us from a position of hopelessness. We cannot “fix” anyone, we are simply tour guides. It is our responsibility to provide a safe environment where we can meet them where they are at and gently, but firmly guide them down the path of hope, healing, and recovery.

Michelle Archbold

Michelle Archbold, Chemical Health Assessor

I believe each client is unique and should be treated as so. I provide a non-judgmental, client centered point of view, and believe it is important for every client to have input on the level of care that would be most beneficial to them.

Molly Heise

Molly M. Heise, Substance Use Counselor Team Lead

It is my philosophy that people should be treated as a whole, and not be seen simply as their addiction.

NIchole Cardinal

Nichole Cardinal, Adult Intensive Outpatient Treatment

I believe everyone deserves a chance to live their life to their fullest potential.

Holly Heaser

Holly Heaser, Co-Occurring Substance Use and Mental Health

My counseling approach is derived from person-centered, cognitive-behavioral, and feminist theories. It is a privilege to walk alongside my clients, utilizing evidence based practices to help guide them on their journeys of recovery.

mike mader - canvas health

Mike Mader, Adolescent Substance Use Counselor

I believe that people always have positive choices even when they feel stuck. My counseling approaches are person-centered, cognitive-behavioral and narrative. Working recovery is the opportunity to rediscover the world around you to navigate the future that’s ahead.

david larson - Canvas Health

David Larson, Adolescent Substance Use Counselor

I have been an adolescent counselor for over thirty years. I believe that young people are the future and I try to improve on their future. I have an eclectic philosophy and try and use every evidence based tool at my disposal. At the heart of this is my belief that every child should have a chance at success.

jenny snook - Canvas Health

Jenny Snook, Adult Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Recovery is achievable when you set your mind to it. 

Kimberly Blount

Kimberly Blount

I believe that every client is unique so I focus on the client’s needs and goals and provide the tools they need to help them on their journey. It is important that the client find their strengths and build on those to be successful. Recovery is possible!