Volunteers Needed for Clubhouse Recovery

The Canvas Health Clubhouse Recovery is a drop in center located in Stillwater. It is a gathering place for adults 18 years and older who are in recovery from mental illness. It is attended by adults working on their mental wellness and who are seeking a social setting to enjoy time with their peers and community members such as volunteers and guest speakers. Adults come to enjoy camaraderie, conversations, explore a new hobby, create art, play cards, cribbage, to hear guest speakers, engage in a group project, and learn about activities which contribute to physical wellness.

Volunteers are needed who want a positive experience working with a social service agency and who want to help others enhance their enjoyment in life.

If you want to become a member of our upbeat volunteer team and volunteer for two hours or less just once a month or once a week, your efforts would be appreciated.

Volunteers are needed to play cards, cribbage, engage in conversation, discuss books or current events, demonstrate crafts or cooking, lead crafts or simple woodworking projects or drive adults to the center who may live a few miles away. Art mentors are also needed to guide an individual or small group to develop their interest in the arts.

Also appreciated are monetary donations for supplies and gas cards. Donations of art supplies, board games, a karaoke machine, cribbage boards, and commercially packaged refreshments are welcome.

Volunteers only need to fill out a short application and pass a background check.

The Clubhouse Recovery is sponsored by Canvas Health, in partnership with Washington County Mental Health. The hours are 2:30-4:30 Tuesday afternoons. The Clubhouse Recovery is located at 1754 Washington Avenue next to Brine’s Market in the ESR building.

Inquiries are welcome. Contact JoAnn Brede at jlobrede@gmail.com