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Housing Supportive Services

Canvas Health’s Housing Supportive Services program assists adults with mental illness and substance use disorders in obtaining and maintaining safe, affordable, and stable housing.

Canvas Health does not provide housing for community members.

Service Coordination

Canvas Health’s Service Coordination is a program that works in conjunction with housing services to provide onsite social workers in buildings occupied by seniors and disabilities. Service Coordinators offer information, referral and general housing support at 15 locations in the Twin Cities metro.

Service Coordinators work in conjunction with property management companies that provide housing for seniors and individuals with disabilities. The goal of service coordination is to help residents maintain stable housing and to remain living independently in the community. Service Coordinators provide education and support resources for tenants to help identify issues that could jeopardize their leases or might otherwise impact their housing in a negative way.

Service Coordination provides assistance with:

  • Arranging services such as home health care, housekeeping, meals, grocery delivery, transportation and more.
  • Referrals to agencies that provide financial, medical or energy assistance.
  • Answering questions or helping to make phone calls about bills, statements or other mail.
  • Completing paperwork for medical benefits, energy assistance, county forms, etc.
  • Transitions from a hospital or a nursing home back to your home by working with the hospital or nursing home social worker or assisting with setting up services in your home.
  • Arranging educational presentations for all of the residents on a variety of topics.
  • Referrals for mental or substance abuse services.
  • Supportive counseling.

Housing Stabilization Services (HSS)

Housing Stabilization Services is a Minnesota Medical Assistance (MA) benefit designed to assist people with disabilities, including mental illness and substance use disorders, as well as seniors, in finding and maintaining housing.


  • Individuals (18+) with disabilities and seniors who are on Medical Assistance (MA) qualify for Housing Stabilization Services.
  • Individuals who are assessed to need help in at least one of these disability-related areas:
    • Communication
    • Mobility
    • Decision-making
    • Managing moods or behaviors
  • The program supports those who are at risk of homelessness, experiencing homelessness, or living in institutional settings such as Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities (ICF-DDs), nursing facilities, Adult Foster Care, and Board and Lodge facilities.
  • Individuals who access this program must not be getting similar services from other programs, including Moving Home MN’s transition servies, Assertive Community Treatment, or Relocation Service Coordination.

Types of Housing Stabilization Services:

Housing Consultation:

  • This service involves providing guidance and advice to individuals seeking housing stability.
  • Program staff assist with understanding housing options, navigating the rental market, and identifying suitable housing resources.

Transition Assistance:

  • Transition services help individuals move from unstable housing situations (such as homelessness or institutional settings) to stable housing.
  • Support may include coordinating with landlords, securing temporary housing, and facilitating the transition process.
  • Other types of support also may include developing a budget, understanding a lease, and completing a facility application.

Sustaining Eligibility:

  • This service focuses on maintaining housing stability once it has been achieved.
  • Eligibility sustainment services address ongoing challenges related to housing, such as budgeting, maintaining a lease, and accessing community resources.

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