Please note: Canvas Health’s psychiatry department currently is accepting limited external referrals.

We do have openings for outpatient mental health as well as substance use care. Please call (651) 777-5222 to make an appointment

Just as it takes several brushes for an artist to create a work of art that’s just right, it can take several tools to bring about a picture of clarity and wellness when it comes to mental health. A first approach that’s often used to address mental health challenges is counseling. In other cases, medications, often in conjunction with counseling, can help bring about satisfying change.

When you come to Canvas Health, we’ll ask you how you’re feeling and evaluate the best option; medications are not always the first choice for clients. Through a comprehensive assessment, we’ll determine the options that make the most sense for you.

Canvas Health’s experienced team of psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses is equipped to meet the needs of all populations – from early childhood to adolescent to adult. We provide evaluations for medication and medication management and provide consultations for other providers.

Coordination of Care

If you’re seeking psychiatric services at the advice or suggestion of a primary care physician, we will coordinate your care so that the exchange of information between your physician and your psychiatrist is seamless.

True Collaboration

If during the course of a psychiatric evaluation it’s determined that you require other services offered by Canvas Health, it’s easy and convenient for us to direct you to others. For example, if you require counseling to work through a mental health crisis or condition, our psychiatrists can walk across the hall to detail a therapist about specific condition. Collaborative care is more than a term at Canvas Health.