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Canvas Health will be adding ARMHS services in early 2022. 

Adult rehabilitative mental health services (ARMHS) enable a person to develop and enhance psychiatric stability, social competencies, personal and emotional adjustment, and independent living and community skills when these abilities are impaired by the symptoms of mental illness. Canvas Health ARMHS practitioners instruct, assist, and support clients in monitoring medications, managing mental illness symptoms, learning and maintaining basic social and living skills, and making employment-related or community living transitions. ARMHS Practitioners also help connect clients to community resources.

ARMHS Practitioners assist and support individuals in areas including:

  • Basic Living and Social Skills
  • Certified Peer Specialist Services
  • Community Intervention
  • Functional Assessment
  • Level of care utilization system (LOCUS)
  • Individual Treatment Plans
  • Medication Education
  • Transition to Community Living Services

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