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Aaron Kennell

Aaron Kennell

TAP Clinical Trainee; Lake Harriet Upper/Lower Elementary

My professional philosophy is both a science and an art: I view my professionalism as both a science in building mutually shared experiences with my students, as well as an art in building meaning between a student’s experience with mental health, education and growth & development.

Clinic Locations

  • Community-Based

Specialty Areas

  • School-Based Mental Health Services
  • Ages Served: 6-12
  • ADHD/ADD (Children), Anger, Anxiety, Attachment Disorders, Autism, Behavioral Problems, Co-Occurring Disorders, Cultural Issues, DC: 0-5 Assessment, Depression, Developmental Concerns, Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant, Eating Disorders, Emotional Disorders, Emotional Disregulation, Emotional Regulation, Grief, Infant Mental Health-Endorsed (IMH-E), LGBTQ+ Issues/Specialty, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Panic Attacks, Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), Parenting Issues, Self Esteem, Self-Worth, Severe and Persistent Mental Illness – SPMI, Transitions

Professional Experience

My professional experience entails working with – in prior roles – survivors of domestic and sexual violence. I began my volunteering career working with fellow college and university students – as a student – in building advocacy groups, networks and activities to end violence on college campuses. I transitioned into a role of Instructional Social Worker for Osceola County School District in central Florida. There, I developed a passion for early intervention and prevention measures to help students build their social-emotional skills and awareness of boundaries, consent and general awareness of well-being & safety. I also provided crisis interventions for students & families in need during a difficult transition time related to COVID-19 pandemic.

I transitioned into a different role with Minnesota Independence College & Community (MICC) in Richfield, MN in 2021. There, I provided instruction to college students on social emotional learning and sexual health education. Shortly after, I took up a role with Sexual Violence Center in Minneapolis, MN, and provided prevention workshops and counseling to survivors seeking services.

I am now a School Based Therapist with TAP (Therapeutic Assistance Program) and provide therapeutic assistance to students in need – which include addressing topics of gender, anxiety, depression and many more.


  • Master of Social Work - University of Central Florida
  • Bachelors of Arts: Political Science - University of Central Florida
  • Bachelors of Arts: English - University of Central Florida
  • Associates of Arts: English - Valencia Community College

License and Credentials

  • Master of Social Work (MSW)
  • Licensed Graduate Social Worker (LGSW)

Referral Information

To refer a student to school-based mental health services, please contact your school’s social workers.