Children’s Mental Health Case Management

What is Children’s Mental Health Case Management?

Children’s Mental Health Case Management (CMHCM) services are activities that are coordinated with family community support services and are designed to help children with a severe emotional disturbance and the child’s family obtain needed mental health, social, educational, health, vocational, and recreational services.

A case manager assesses a child’s changing needs, develops a plan with other service providers and the child’s family to best address the child’s needs, links the child and family to appropriate community resources and monitors the effectiveness of planned services.
-Source: Minnesota State Statute

Washington County Community Services contracts with Canvas Health to provide all of its state-mandated Children’s Mental Health Case Management services. CMHCM is a voluntary service and is delivered in partnership with the child and the child’s family.

Who is Eligible for CMHCM at Canvas Health?

  • Children residing in Washington County
  • Children who have a mental health diagnosis
  • Children who meet criteria for a Severe Emotional Disturbance (SED)

What is needed for a Referral?

  • A Diagnostic Assessment, Psychiatric Assessment, or Psychological Evaluation that has been completed within the last 6 months
  • A Severe Emotional Disturbance Determination (SED) statement from a licensed mental health professional
  • A completed Canvas Health CMHCM Referral Form

Download the Referral Form & SED Statement Form here:

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To Submit a CMHCM Referral

Email: or
Fax: (651) 251-5204


For questions regarding eligibility criteria or the referral process please reach out to us!
Phone: (651) 251-5065 or