Children’s Therapeutic & Support Services – Skills Training (CTSS)

This program is available only to residents of Washington County.

There are times in children’s lives that are stressful to the point where everyday living becomes difficult. For these situations, Canvas Health offers children’s therapeutic support services to help affected individuals and their family to recover to the point where they can manage their lives again. These services are available to Washington County residents.

These services, designated as CTSS by the state of Minnesota, assist and support individuals and families in developing skills in areas such as anger, aggression, difficulty following directions, refusal to follow rules, problems relating to peers, anxiety, depression, family conflicts and many others. Instead of being conducted in an office, life skills services take place in the home, at school or elsewhere in the community. This is a more intense service than therapy and is best used as an adjunct to counseling.

To be eligible, individuals must be age 4 to 20, be determined by a mental health professional of needing this level of service, and have a medical assistance-based insurance coverage. This recovery-based service of Canvas Health is available to residents of Washington County.

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