Functional Family Therapy

Functional Family Therapy (FFT) is for children and adolescents between ages 10-18 who are Hennepin County residents.  FFT is an evidenced based model of treatment with recognized outcomes in helping troubled youth and their families overcome delinquency, substance abuse, and violence.  All therapists are trained by FFT, Inc. the model’s training and dissemination organization.

Short-term, in-home family therapy

The program provides flexible, culturally competent, short-term, in-home family therapy and treatment services that work to build positive family relational patterns and reduce disruptive behaviors.  Specific family problems vary from family to family but may include parental or adolescent mental illness, emotional or physical abuse, family conflict and/or violence, delinquency, truancy, and parenting problems.

Referrals are made directly through Hennepin County Children’s Mental Health Case Managers or Hennepin County Juvenile Probation Officers.