Celebrating more than 50 years of bringing hope, healing, and recovery to the lives of people we serve, Canvas Health offers over 35 clinic and community-based programs. Our highly skilled, compassionate clinicians provide services to people struggling with mental illness, substance use, abuse, crisis, unstable housing, and trauma. As a nonprofit community-based agency, Canvas Health acts as a safety net provider, serving those with complex needs who may not otherwise be able to afford care.

Partnerships with Canvas Health

Canvas Health frequently engages in partnerships with other organizations to bring services together for clients. We have active partnerships and collaborations with agencies and organizations across the state including:

  • Substance use providers to bring in mental health supports
  • Homeless organizations to help clients access mental health and other services
  • Elementary, middle, and high schools to bring in mental health and substance use services directly into their facilities
  • Hospitals and community health care clinics to reduce the cost of care
  • Corrections facilities to provide substance use services
  • Suicide prevention education and training
  • Emergency Social Services/child safety services

We are open to other collaborations and partnerships and are happy to discuss at any point. Please contact Matt Eastwood, CEO, at (651) 251-5042, or meastwood@canvashealth.org for more information.