At Canvas Health, we take great pride in the successes of each patient. It’s the reason we do what we do. Here are a few stories of patients that have been helped by our services.

Barb’s Story (Mental Health)

My son was having a horrible experience in special education in middle school. He was afraid to talk, afraid to do anything. He had been diagnosed ADHD and dyslexia. We knew there was something else wrong, but we didn’t know what.

The school psychologist told us about the Therapeutic Learning Center (TLC). After three weeks, our son told us he felt safe there. At TLC, the teachers not only discovered he has Asperger’s Syndrome, they also were interested in him as a person. The staff included us, his parents, as much as possible and kept the doors of communication open.

At TLC, my son learned to read and also developed his social skills. While he still needs some academic help, he relates to us in ways that he never did before. Now, as an advocate for my son, I make sure that when he’s ready to walk through a door, I have it open. TLC saved my son’s life and saved our family.

A Mother’s Story (Children & Families)

Dan is my youngest child. When he was little, he was a gentle, funny and loving child who did well in school. After the death of his older brother, things began to “haul him down.” Although our doctor told me it was my imagination, I sensed something was wrong.

When Dan was about 15 years old, he struggled with low self-esteem and depression and began using drugs. His high school years were horrible. We tried to get him help for his drug usage, but he would not cooperate.

In 1989 our family moved to Newport and connected with Canvas Health. Here, Dan felt “grounded” and our family finally understood what was happening and got help for his mental illness. They helped Dan find an apartment and a job. Canvas Health treated us with respect, empathy and compassion. No matter what Dan had done or how sick he was, he still was my son, the child I once held in my arms and loved.

A Friend’s Story (Substance Use)

My life was at a low point when I came to group therapy. Between the consequences of my DWI and the separation of my wife and daughter, I did not have much direction. I went primarily into group therapy determined to make a successful sobriety.

The main thing I have learned is to speak my mind honestly. By dealing with problems while they are small, I rarely get overwhelmed. It has made a huge difference in my relationships and life in general. With a sober mind, I can focus on what really is important.

My sobriety plan is an excellent way to help me stay on the path. It is strange to think of all the things I did not accomplish because of my abuse. I am grateful to have another chance at life and the memories of things left undone. Without Canvas Health, that chance may not have come.

Jonathon’s Story (Abuse)

When I went to court on a domestic violence issue, I came to Canvas Health to get an evaluation. Although I was looking for one-on-one counseling, the evaluator decided a group would be best. It was better than I anticipated and the two instructors were fabulous.

The program taught me the tools and techniques to keep situations from escalating. Since completing the course, I haven’t had a situation where I’ve felt in trouble. Now I can see things coming and don’t let them escalate.

The program can be a real eye-opener. You have to face up to the fact that what you’re doing isn’t productive. You have to understand that you dealt with the situation poorly, which is a hard thing to come to grips with. No matter what started the situation, you have to find ways to resolve it other than violence. Because the violence has to stop.