Early Childhood Consultation

Early Childhood Consultation for children age 5 and under who are not yet in kindergarten who experience social and emotional challenges at home, daycare, or in other settings. Early Childhood Behavior Assistance (ECBA) provides consultation, education, training and support to parents and daycare providers in the home, daycare and other settings to help decrease behavior problems while promoting healthy child and family development. Currently this program is free of charge to families due to grants and donations.

Download an ECBA referral form here.

When additional intervention is necessary for children ages 5 and under, the Early Childhood Mental Health program provides specialized assessment as well as individual and family skills training and therapy. Please see Early Childhood Clinical Services for more information.

Call us for questions, to have a conversation about your concerns, or to make an appointment: 
Chantel Gramenz, Canvas Health, (651) 251-5191.