Emilia Godinez joins Canvas Health as a psychotherapist

Emila Godinez, MSW, LICSW, recently joined Canvas Health as a psychotherapist for the Outpatient program at Oakdale and Stillwater. She’ll be providing individual and family therapy services to children and adolescents and adults.

Godinez brings not only 23 years of professional experience as a trustworthy, attentive, and compassionate therapist, but also a wealth of experience working with the Latino population in the Twin Cities. Here she shares more about why she chose Canvas Health.

Why did you choose to work at Canvas Health?
I chose to work at Canvas Health because I could see there was a great enthusiasm for working with the Latino population.

Describe the work you’ll be doing for Canvas Health.
In my new position, I will be doing primarily outpatient adult mental health. In addition, I will be doing some family work with Spanish- and English-speaking clients.

New psychotherapist at Canvas Health

Why is this work so important to the community?
I provide a service that few can because of my background. I am a daughter of Mexican immigrants and a native Spanish speaker. Having grown up in a Latino and African-American neighborhood, and I am totally bicultural. But as much as I truly enjoy other cultures, I never forget all the great opportunities I have had in this great country – the USA.

What’s your happiest memory?
There are too many, but one of my earliest childhood memories is going to school on the first day.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve done that not many people know about you?
I studied one year at the University of Anahauc in Mexico and received a fabulous Latin American education.

Describe your perfect weekend.
My perfect weekend would be one that involves spending time with friends and loved ones and celebrating something really worth celebrating.

Name one item on your bucket list.
To go to Greece.

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